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Information for Clients

"Karen is a dedicated and gifted healer. She helped me to manage chronic hip and knee pain by using her talents for massage, Pilates and physical therapy. I highly recommend her."
-- C. S.

At KGD-PT payment is due in full at the beginning of each session.  We in turn, provide a detailed invoice for you to submit to your health insurance carrier.  A universal health form (HCFA-1500) can be provided if you wish. For your convenience, we accept credit cards. We suggest that you contact your health insuranceKaren working with patient on the Cadillac carrier before your first visit and use our Patient Insurance Worksheet.  It is provided as a checklist to ensure you ask the right questions. It is your responsibility to understand your health insurance coverage, know how to get reimbursed and at what level.

These forms are provided for your convenience and to help you prepare for your first visit. [Adobe Acrobat format]

Please bring with you a current prescription from your New York state licensed physician or nurse practitioner. Even though, NY state has direct assess to physical therapy and the law provides a for a limited number of sessions (10 or a period of 30 days) before a prescription is required, your insurance company will likely require a prescription before they provide coverage. If you are a Medicare patient, you are also required to return to your physician every 60 days to renew your prescription for physical therapy.

What to Expect
A session at KGD-PT typically lasts for one-hour. After your initial evaluation, each follow-up visit will begin with a brief reassessment by Karen followed by manual care and guided exercises.

What to Bring
For new patients, please bring your valid prescription, current health insurance card and all of the above forms. Or, please come early so that these can be completed.

For returning patients, please bring your valid prescription, current health insurance card and updated patient insurance worksheet.

What to Wear
Wear or bring clothes appropriate to exercise in, such as shorts/yoga pants, a tee-shirt and sneakers. For the initial evaluation please be prepared to expose your torso for assessment. Woman please bring a jog bra or tank top.

Your promptness is greatly appreciated. Karen respects your time as a consumer, and tries not to have you sitting 'in the chairs'. She herself runs on time, as best as possible, and asks that you do the same.

Please give us 24 hrs notice if you are unable to keep your appointment. Calling 24 hrs in advance allows Karen to place another person waiting to be seen in your time slot. Failure to so will result in a $100 charge to your credit card.

No Show
Please show up. You will be charged $100 for a 'no show'.
"I have been working with Karen for close to four years and she has changed the way I view the physical therapy world as a whole. I was born with a neurological condition that effects certain areas of my body more so than others.

Throughout my life I have been to numerous physical therapists and noticed that the majority of them did not know what to do with me after I was not 'cured' within ten or so sessions. I actually found Karen because I was looking to get into pilates to maintain strength in my good muscles. I quickly found out that Karen was a physical therapist as well! The combination of physical therapy and pilates is wonderful. We can work on maintaining strength but if I am having pain in a particular area she is also able to assess and treat the problem.

Needless to say she did not get rid of me after she couldn't 'cure' me in ten sessions! She understood my condition and knew the best course of action to take. She is a skilled physical therapist, an experienced pilates instructor, and a wonderful person to be around. I would recommend her to everyone!"
-- L. M.
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